SECTION 1: Privacy Policy

Xaroma would like to inform its users about our policies with regards to usage and protection of personal data from users and customers during web navigation or hired services through its website

To this respect, Xaroma guarantees compliance with current policies and procedures with respect to data and identity protection. When you provide us with your personal information to make a transaction or hire a service, it is implied that you are accepting this privacy policy.

SECTION 2: Gathering, purpose and processing of data

Xaroma is bound to inform all users of its website about the gathering of personal data, which could be through an electronic message or by completing the questionnaires included in the website. In this case, Xaroma will be considered the party responsible for data collection through the means previously described.

At the same time, Xaroma would like to inform all users that the purpose of the use of personal data includes the following:

· Request services from Xaroma.

· Request an invoice.

· Request an estimate regarding services offered by Xaroma.

· Participate in surveys.

· Provide blog information in case you are a subscriber.

· Shar comments or suggestions about services rendered.

· Any other activity similar to those described above.

All operations and technical procedures that are made from an automated or non-automated standpoint, and which will enable the acquisition, storage, modification, transfer, and other actions concerning personal data collection will be considered as handling of personal data.

All personal data, gathered by Xaroma’s website, will be considered part of the handling of personal data, and will be incorporated in Xaroma’s own files.

SECTION 3: Communication to Third Parties

Xaroma informs its users that all personal data will not be transferred to third parties, except when this activity is related or mandated by a legal obligation or when a service requires the need to have a contractual relationship with a specific party.

SECTION 4: Users Rights

All users will have the right to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose current legal norms with respect to personal data protection. In order to exercise his or her rights, the user must send a message, via written communication and providing official ID (INE or passport) to the following e-mail address:

This written communication must contain the following information: Name and Last Name of the user, reason for requesting information and corresponding data. The person preparing this communication must be the same exercising his/her rights. Nevertheless, this person can appoint an authorized legal representative to act on his/her behalf. In this case, all the necessary documentation must be presented.

SECTION 5: Changes in Privacy Policy

Xaroma reserves the right to periodically update its current Privacy Policy in order to reflect changes in our informational practices. It is the user’s responsibility to periodically review the content of the Privacy Policy for the website where changes and dates when these changes took place will be published. The person responsible is assumed to have read, understood and is in agreement with the terms presented, which constitutes his/her consent to the changes and/or updates with respect to his/her personal data, unless otherwise expressed by the same person.

Questions and Contact Information

If required, accessing, mending, changing, or erasing any type of personal information that is owned about yourself, file a complaint, or simply if you require further information, it is important to contact us at the following e-mail address: